Russia Cuts Gas Supplies to Europe

Gas prices have soared after Russia further cut gas supplies to Germany and other central European countries after threatening to earlier this week. European gas prices are up almost 2% trading above [...]

Quarrel at City Government Leads to a Near Default in Trenton

Potential fraud in the environmental health bureau and lack of a city budget are leading toward potential difficulties in repayment of Trenton's existing bond obligations. Bitvore has been tracking [...]

Digital Mining in Texas Booms

Texas continues to attract cryptocurrency miners with inexpensive power and few regulatory hurdles. Electricity demand in Texas hitting record levels amid critically high temperatures this summer but [...]

Regulation and Oversight of Stablecoins: Decentralized Finance and Potential Bans on Proof-of-Work Mining

A recent report by the European Central Bank (ECB), presented as a “deep dive into crypto financial risks,” calls for “appropriate” regulation and oversight of stablecoins and decentralized finance [...]

Bitvore LinkedIn Page Reaches 1,500 Follower Mark

We are excited to share that Bitvore recently hit the 1,500+ follower mark on our LinkedIn company page. A huge thank you goes out to everyone who follows us, likes our posts, and shares our content. [...]

Optimistic Outlook for ESG Investment Products but ESG Data and Rating Providers Remain an Area of Concern

Despite the current market volatility, Investment Managers globally continue to successfully launch new ESG focused investment offerings. Europe continues to lead the way, BNP Paribas Asset [...]


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