Bitvore's Mission to Bring Real-Time Information to Business


We're glad you found Bitvore. We've been working on Bitvore for quite some time and have only recently begun saying anything public about our mission.  Bitvore's mission is to bring real-time information to business decision makers.

Let's break that down.

First let's look at the real-time business information part.  You are probably aware that the amount of information in the world is growing dramatically.  You may not be aware that most of this information is not numbers in databases - it's news, website, tickets from customer support, notes from sales people, emails, social media and whatever comes from tomorrow's next big thing.  The common denominator is that this information comes from many sources and changes continuously. Gartner calls this the velocity and variety side of Big Data. We consume these streams of complex information and mine what is important to your specific business. We find the valuable needles in moving haystacks.  Businesses today are ill-suited to take advantage of this kind of information because they are mired in a history of databases and backward-looking reports.

Now let's look at the second part: for business decision makers.   There are a lot of people in your company that fall into this category.  We are built for them.  To satisfy their needs we focus on a few important principals.   First, the information they need shifts as the business changes so the solution needs to be able to be adjusted at any moment.  Second, business people need to be empowered to get their own information on demand.   Easy of use and instant gratification results are a must.   Business people can't wait for custom code to be approved for development or even periodic reports to be dropped in their email.   Knowledge workers seek an edge through information and it has to be easy and at their fingertips.

We believe in a few short years that having real-time, 360-degree knowledge of any business situation will be a basic necessity for a competitive company.  We are going to provide it.

Feel free to chime in.

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