Bitvore's Elizabeth Pritchard Joins Innodata's Absolute AI Podcast

Elizabeth Pritchard, CEO of Bitvore, will join Innodata's "Absolute AI: Conversations With the Humans Behind Artificial Intelligence" podcast on Tuesday, September 28th, 2021. Elizabeth will share [...]

JP Morgan's Diversity Dichotomy

Diversity and inclusion have recently become a cornerstone phrase within the banking sector, but what does that actually look like? We decided to analyze our Diversity and Inclusion signal in the [...]

Bitvore Announces Availability of Cellenus® ESG Dataset for the Municipal Bond Market

New Cellenus ESG for Muni’s dataset features ESG topics across all 1.5 million active CUSIP’s to reduce investment risk

Bitvore, the.leading provider of AI-driven intelligence for third-party risk [...]

Investors Should Monitor Portfolios for Supply Chain Risk

Think the pandemic shortages are over?

In August 2021, the famed UK restaurant chain Nando’s had to close over 50 of its locations because they ran out of chicken—literally the one thing it sells. [...]

Net Zero Or Just Greenwashing? What to Look Out For

Large companies have a huge incentive to go green. There’s not just saving the planet and our delicate ecosystem to consider—no, that’s just a side effect. The real benefit of going green is that 68% [...]


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