Solving for Variety - Attacking the 3rd "V" in Big Data


Variety is a tough problem to crack and it is part of the reason Bitvore is a breakthrough.  According to a recent article by Mahesh Kumar at BDNACorp, the sheer complexity of the many data sources and formats is largely to blame for driving so much spending on services to put Big Data to work.  According to Gartner, spending on Big Data services outweighs spending on software by a ratio of nine to one.

I agree. This high cost creates a large segment of Have-not companies and departments.   Solving for the complexity of the technologies and the complexity of the information sources is causing the price of any particular Big Data project to be too high.  As one of our customers put it "Big Data doesn't scale operationally."  That is to say, when a project requires high internal skills, services and complex technology you have to get into a long line of proposed projects with justifications.   This takes valuable time but more important, it means that most projects never get approved to proceed.

Collect data easily


Bitvore addresses these high costs by hiding all this complexity under a simple and intuitive user experience designed for business people who need do-it-yourself results in hours - not weeks or months.   Simply select the type of data source you want to ingest and give Bitvore a little information - and, bang!, Bitvore devours that source continuously.  Now repeat the process and devour as many sources as you want to compare, correlate and analyze.


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