Practical Commercial Applications of Big Data

practical big dataAt Bitvore, we believe in something simple.  We believe the growing torrent of information in the world will lead to more competitive industries once simple solutions to real problems are available.  Big Data is often found guilty of being over-hyped.  It's largely deserved because most companies focus on the technology, not the benefit.  They focus on technological components searching for a problem.  Do you love your iPhone?   Is that love about the detailed, amazing technologies that Apple engineers used under the hood to make it work?  Probably not.  You love the result.  A beautiful, simple, consistent device that does many useful things for a reasonable price.

Bitvore also uses amazing technologies inside our product but you won't read much about them because our goal is the same - a simple solution that solves important problems at a reasonable price.   What kind of problems are we working to solve?  We want to eliminate surprises in your business.  We want you to always have the latest information to make better decisions.  We want you to always know more than your competitors.  There's a spectrum of thorny business problems that we are addressing.  An investment bank that needs to be the first to know when anything happens to the credit worthiness of bonds in their portfolio.   A clothing designer that wants to be the first on the shelves with a new line using the hottest new ideas at Fashion Week.   A produce grower who needs to know what ingredients are trending with the world's top chefs this season.  A growth hacker who is looking for every material event that identifies a qualified opportunity to sell their product.  A salesperson who wants to understand the competitive situation of their customers and challenge their thinking.

Each of these problems requires companies to watch over an enormous amount of changing information in many different formats.  Then, not just listen and draw pictures, but find and extract key signals that drive your business advantage.  Key signals that help you make smarter, faster decisions than your competitors.

If you're the kind of person that believes solving practical, commercial problems with Big Data is more important than the technological wizardry inside, then join us to build smarter and more competitive businesses.

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