Changing the Muni Bond Industry

Investing in high yield muni bondsBitvore was cited as the solution to help the muni bond traders shift the industry towards being pro-active.   Triet Nguyen from Axios Advisors said about Bitvore, "Crossover investors in particular could benefit from new software designed to scour all news events reported across the internet for credit-significant events."   Axios Advisors LLC, an independent municipal research and investment advisory boutique specializing in high-income strategies.   Check out the full article in MuniNet Guide.

The over-the-counter muni market is particularly opaque with a lack of information on credit issues about the 1.5 million US municipal bonds.   Bitvore provides a bright light in this otherwise dark room.

Triet Nguyen is the author of "Investing in the High Yield Municipal Market".

Jeff Curie, President Bitvore

Jeff Curie, President Bitvore

Jeff Curie is the President of Bitvore Corp, a provider of A.I.-based products that identify risk and opportunity for professionals in the financial, insurance and commercial real estate industries. Mr. Curie is a technology entrepreneur focused on leveraging emerging technologies to offer effective solutions to previously unsolvable problems.