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"I have more data than time!" is a common complaint that we hear from customers.  Not long ago the problem was access to data.  Today, access isn't a problem, it's making use of all the data pouring into the company.


 The crux of the problem is the unsexy janitorial work of changing the raw data into a form we can analyze.   Today we use tedious manual processes that create bottlenecks.  Not only is it expensive but the slow process prohibits us from gaining insights from the most recent information.  The typical hand-massaged process bites off a chunk of information, cleans it, and massages it into a form for analysis, after its cleaned and formatted, we get to analyze it. The process blocks value delivery to executives, marketers, sales and product planners who need fresh information.

Bitvore automates the janitorial work to turn raw data into useful information.  No more data piling up; now it's fresh, useful information automatically available for analysis.

Think of Bitvore as an information factory that produces fresh information 24-hours a day out of a steady supply of raw material (data).

Here's how you use it.  Tell Bitvore about the sources of data you want to consume in the factory, and the information products you want to get out the other end.

First, aim Bitvore at the the data you want to monitor.  No coding is required, Bitvore has it's own set of collectors to retrieve what you need as frequently as you want.  Common sources we gather are social media accounts, email servers, RSS feeds, streaming log files and keywords to search for pages on the web.  Bitvore can consume any or all of these at the same time. Press Go.

Second, tell Bitvore what information you want to find in the raw data.  Analogous to hashtags in Twitter, Bitvore can apply tags to all the records you collected from all sources.  Don't worry about being wrong, just wade in. As you learn and evolve, you can change what you are looking for interactively.   Bitvore creates tags automatically as the data arrives in addition to anything already collected. At the simplest level, you can load lists of company names, terms and phrases, people and locations.  Again, no code required.  The skill set is similar to setting up Google Adwords.

With only these two steps, you are using Bitvore to automatically correlate and trend information from many sources at once. Instantly, you can find all references to your products, competitors and companies and compare it against each other or location, weather and time.  Easily correlate any of these pieces of information together.  For example, it's now simple to see how often each of your competitors were referenced by location over time, or trend what customers and employees are saying about your products or retail locations.  While the original data remains unchanged, the tags and values you apply are nearly infinitely flexible allowing new ideas and analyses to be explored in minutes without compromising data governance. If you like, you can pump the resulting information into Tableau or Qlik for advanced visualization or feed it into other applications or web portals.

Sounds like magic?  We don't think people should require advance degrees to make use of all the data, so we made it easy for you.

And you can use our advanced features to go much deeper.   Do you wonder how we handle unstructured and structured data at the same time?  Are you interested in how Bitvore performs text analytics, sentiment analysis, and machine learning?  Give us a call and we'll show you how.

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