Falling oil prices cascade into falling cash in municipalities

Oil Barrels with Red Arrow isolated on white background. 3D renderIt's like watching dominoes fall these days.  Bitvore for Munis is picking up a chain of independent media outlets reporting the budget impact caused by that falling oil prices.    Long Beach, Kern County, Lousiana, Oklahoma, North Dakota so far.


The press is colorful with their sensationalism on this one:

  • "Massive"
  • "Cratering"
  • "Blow Up"

Check these out just from the last few days.

  • Cratering oil prices forcing Long Beach to look at budget
  • North Dakota Faces Massive Budget Shortfall from Lower Crude Prices
  • Oklahoma latest state to face budget issues due to oil prices
  • Declining Oil Prices Blow up Kern County‚Äôs Budget
  • Louisiana State Budget Feels the Squeeze With Dropping Oil Prices
Jeff Curie, President Bitvore

Jeff Curie, President Bitvore

Jeff Curie is the President of Bitvore Corp, a provider of A.I.-based products that identify risk and opportunity for professionals in the financial, insurance and commercial real estate industries. Mr. Curie is a technology entrepreneur focused on leveraging emerging technologies to offer effective solutions to previously unsolvable problems.