To Be or Not To Be….What We Are Not

clarityWe talk to people all day, every day about what they want – and don’t want - from their intelligence tools and apps for business. And what most people want is clarity with little irrelevant junk.  They want to understand what’s happening.  They want o understand what will impact their decisions or trigger decisions  - and they want it quick and easy to digest.

And as we navigate through the topic of ‘intelligence’, we’d like to offer some clarity into what Bitvore’s Material Intelligence platform is NOT.

1. Clipping Service

Some of us are old enough to remember the days of hard-copy clipping services.  On paper.  Really.  Whether you received it once a day or once a week, the deliverable was basically this: photocopies of pertinent and related news articles all paper clipped (get it?) together.  Then it was up to SalesOps or PR to comb through each copy, tag them, copy them again and distribute.  Today, that process though much more simplified, remains largely the same.  You subscribe to a service that combs news services for articles or news releases that hopefully relate to your business, and each day you get those ‘clips’ bound together in an email.  And yes, you’ll still need someone to disseminate it.

2. 'Alerts’.

'Alerts' is another version of a clipping service – just more efficient and cost effective.  But the challenge is the same.  You define what you are looking for, say “Women in Technology.” or news about a company.  If it’s info you want, then its raw info you’ll get.  Prepare for mass amounts of alerts just because they have those same three words somewhere in the headline or article.  It’s helpful, but quickly grows wearisome.  Tracking just a few things becomes an overload problem.   Nowhere near what a business leader needs.  And don’t get us started on “false” alerts that deliver irrelevant content. The result?  More often than not, you’ll quickly fatigue from the overload and then stop reading them altogether.

3. Google, Bing – Search Engines.

Who doesn’t love a service that’s now considered a verb (Google-it).  We use it every day to find out “Who’s the starting center for the Bengals this Sunday?” “Where did that CEO go to grad school?”  “How much is that CRM tool from <fill in the blank>?”  Usually, it doesn’t take much time because your searches are specific, even if you are working on something that requires a bit more research.  Ok, but let’s say you want lots of specific intell on a particular company or industry.  You can definitely put an entire team to task on digging that kind of information, but do you have the resources to do it every day? And if you do, do you really want them to spend their time on manual searches and pasting it in to spreadsheets to pass around?

4. Hope.

When it comes to precision intelligence about your company, customers and suppliers, most companies rely on the good faith that their people are staying up on the news and forwarding the right tidbits to the right people promptly.   They aren’t.

Ok, so what about Bitvore?  Well, our material intelligence platform operates much differently.  You tell us what companies, assets and regulators you need to keep an eye on and Bitvore reads it all, separating the irrelevant drivel from the material situations resulting in crisp, clean and timely intelligence.  Day after day, specific, tailored and absolutely material intelligence that’s relevant to your business.  We don’t clip, we don’t ‘alert’ and we don’t search.  It’s not magic, but it is pretty close to rocket science.

So perhaps one day, business leaders will be overheard saying “I don’t know,  Bitvore-it.

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