Material Intelligence – Light years better than traditional searches.

Material Intelligence over SearchIt took Thomas Edison 1,000 attempts before inventing the light bulb. His teachers also told him growing up that he was too stupid to learn anything.

Dr. Seuss’s first book was rejected by 27 publishers before it was accepted.


NASA experienced 20 failures in its 28 attempts to send rockets to space.

James Dyson (the vacuum cleaner gazillionaire) made 5127 prototypes before he perfected his product.

Bloodhounds are persistence personified.   For example, once the bloodhound identifies the trail, it will not divert its attention despite being assailed by a multitude of other odors. Only when the dog finds the source of the scent or reaches the end of the trail will it relent. So potent is the drive to track, bloodhounds have been known to stick to a trail for more than 130 miles.

Persistence.  We believe it means the difference between success and failure.  And we can offer you many more examples of persistence at work.  But wait.  All of that is great, but why are we talking about it here?  Well, we view Bitvore’s Intelligence platform as one heck of a persistent tool.  Its counterpart – manual search – pales in comparison.  Why?  Because its limitations are directly proportionate to the hand on the keyboard.  And let’s be realistic.  How long can someone search before moving on to something else?  How long can someone search before they are distracted or diverted onto something else? Not long at all.

In what other ways is ‘Intelligence’ far better than manual search?

It’s Focused

Single-minded and aimed at what the user wants.  It’s about providing custom and precise material intelligence, specific to your industry and business needs.  It determines what’s important to you, right now, removes the irrelevant and delivers material information advantage tailored to you in formats you can use. Can you achieve similar results with manual searching?  Well, you can enter the words and click search, but chances are that you’ll have to search some more. And more.  And much, much, more.  The results will be broad, inconsistent and not very actionable.

It’s Junk-Free

What do we mean by junk-free?  Think about how many times you have to search, refine and search some more and yet still get results hundreds and hundreds of irrelevant and outdated articles and links.  And consider trying to manage a key word list and the number of ‘false’ hits (immaterial or duplicates).

This is Bitvore’s sweet spot.  We monitor and collect data from tens of thousands of sources and determine what’s important to you, right now.  Our intelligence platform removes the irrelevant and delivers material information advantage tailored to you in formats you can use.

It’s a Multi-tasker

If you’re like us, you are probably juggling tens of things at a time.  Unfortunately, traditional online searches are for one thing at a time.  So think about it.  If you have many customers, many investments, many suppliers and many products, there’s simply no way it makes sense to search for one thing at a time.   You need automation.

Bitvore currently examines 200,000 articles, emails and files every day.   Every one is analyzed, categorized, judged to be material, and correlated to the personalized needs of each user.   To equate this with searching, you would need to Google 10,000 things every day and read every article returned on the first page - every single day. This is the equivalent of 2,500 hours of reading every day.  Bitvore lets you keep an eye on 20, 100 or 1,000 key things at a time.  Alternatively, you could hire a team of 312 people who searched and read 8 hours each day without breaks.  Only then would you have the same benefit as Bitvore today - and we are only getting started.

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