What's a Bitvore and other FAQs (Part I)

BV Head TileBitvorians are an unabashedly curious bunch.  We read constantly, work hard at networking (the people kind) and never met a question we didn’t like.  Interviews?  Can’t resist.  Surveys?  Count us in.  FAQs?  We like to read those first. Yes, it was only a matter of time, dear reader, when we addressed your own.   Because as much as we enjoy getting the scoop on our market and our customers, perhaps you’d like to learn a little more about us.

So, here are a few fan favorites.

1. What exactly does ‘Bitvore’ mean? And what’s with the tiger?

This is surprisingly a question we get asked a lot. Firstly, it’s not a tiger, but a voracious “bit-eating” carnivore. Carnivore for bits.  Get it now?

2. What problem are you solving at Bitvore?

Information is power. Time is money. So how can you get nuggets of valuable information off the internet quickly?  Bitvore.  Here is the challenge we overcame: the amount of information available on the internet is vast and growing rapidly on a daily basis.  The large majority of the information in the flood has zero value to a business leader.  Our mission is to keep business leaders fully informed of material changes that will impact their companies. Our customers have described it in these colorful summary’s “helps us see around corners”, “it’s adding transparency in an opaque market”, “it’s a flashlight in a dark room, “it’s legal insider information.”

3. What do you mean when you say “information from the internet?”

We look at digital text – news, research, analyses, opinions, studies, projections, reports and filings. These are found in many forms on the Internet that we consider – media sites, social media, blogs, emails, corporate publications, press and government databases. Mostly this is public information but partners are granting us access to very large private stores as well so that we can bring their research into context for business decisions.

4. Does that mean you are a sort of search engine?

While you can definitely do on-demand searches with Bitvore, we are not a search engine per se.  Bitvore’s platform searches, then reads what it finds, throws out the junk and keeps the impactful, fresh information.   We replace this common manual process: do a search on the internet, read every article that came back in the first several pages of the results, pick out ONLY juicy impactful articles, file them under a specific company or investment and then send an alert to the person it impacts.  The Bitvore platform does this all day long for thousands and thousands of different subjects, companies and assets.  You can access the content in the platform via a search, API or an alert in an email.

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