Investortools and Bitvore bring proactive portfolio monitoring into Perform®

Investortools Bitvore partnershipNow, get the benefit of Bitvore's proactive alerts inside your portfolio management workflow.

Investortools and Bitvore have partnered together to bring new proactive intelligence to financial institutions.  Through this partnership, Investortools clients receive proactive, precision intelligence about changing situations in their fixed income portfolios inside the Investortools Perform® portfolio management system.  Already popular with institutional investors, rating agencies, and insurers, Bitvore for Munis monitors tens of thousands of news and research sources to identify material events and changes impacting the credit risk of municipal bonds and obligors.  Through the integration, Bitvore will monitor portfolios inside Perform and alert portfolio managers and analysts to important changes in credit situations.

In a broad, opaque market, portfolio managers lack the time to manually search for news they need to manage their business.  Bitvore’s proactive surveillance system monitors thousands of local and national sources to find and deliver clear and timely information to the finance professionals to make better business decisions.

“Financial institutions large and small use Perform in their daily workflow for fixed income portfolio management and credit analysis.  Now portfolio managers and other users will have seamless access to relevant news that directly impacts their portfolios – all from within Perform." said Scott Bradley, President of Investortools.

The COO of Breckinridge Capital Advisors, Andrew Meyers, supports the partnership. “It was exciting to learn that two of our key vendors were partnering to provide access to Bitvore Alerts within Perform.  It is a clear advantage for both portfolio managers and analysts to access relevant extra-financial information directly in Perform.” Breckinridge Capital Advisors, is a client of both Investortools and Bitvore.  “It should provide a more efficient and complete view of individual assets held in the portfolios we manage.”

Bitvore for Munis and Investortools Perform® are available today.  The new integrated product, Bitvore in Perform, is available in July 2016.   For pricing and ordering information contact your Investortools representative or contact Bitvore, (949) 212-9230.

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