Breckinridge Leverages Bitvore for Competitive Advantage

Bitvore-download-case-studyBreckinridge Capital Advisors is a Boston-based investment advisor managing high grade fixed-income portfolios for institutions and private clients.

Managing separately managed accounts well required Breckinridge to move beyond delayed and limited EMMA filings, and with more accuracy and lower overhead than general purpose news clipping services and Google Alerts.  Breckinridge needed proactive and precise information that covers their entire portfolio – and to assess new deals.

“We need more visibility; we need to know more behind the scenes. 

Our employees use this every day.”

The completeness, timeliness and consistency of information required to maintain a competitive advantage convinced Breckinridge Capital Advisors to adopt Bitvore’s muni intelligence system.

Read the case study to learn more.

Jeff Curie, President Bitvore

Jeff Curie, President Bitvore

Jeff Curie is the President of Bitvore Corp, a provider of A.I.-based products that identify risk and opportunity for professionals in the financial, insurance and commercial real estate industries. Mr. Curie is a technology entrepreneur focused on leveraging emerging technologies to offer effective solutions to previously unsolvable problems.