Muniland: Bitvore 3 Adds Hot Topic Alerts and Reporting

All our users will now get two helpful new features.  The new Custom Topics and Reporting are two areas frequently requested by both analyst and sales teams preparing for reviews and calls.

Bitvore continuously monitors each and every obligor in the industry by isolating material changes to the obligor identified by CUSIPs of the holdings.   Bitvore’s AI monitors over 80,000 sources of news plus official filing sources such as the MSRB EMMA and SEC EDGAR.

The custom topics feature monitors unique, changing topics that are often time-sensitive.   The feature allows customer to create their own topics, and also tap into a library of shared alerts on popular pre-created topics by the Bitvore team.  Already in the shared library are alerts on the economic impact of oil prices, infrastructure, tax reform, American Health Care Act, Obamacare repeal, Zika impact on tourism, and green bonds

“Custom topics change frequently depending on macro situations.  All our customers gain access to a library of topics.” Said Jeff Curie, President of Bitvore.   “Our customers often have the same interests and we are happy to create alerts for new custom topic and share them across subscribers.”

Bitvore for Munis Reporting allows users to generate a single report summarizing all material changes in a portfolio of CUSIPs over a time period.   CUSIP reports include the history of time-stamped material changes reaching back more than two years.  The reporting system captures summarized information that subscribers can save and share for audits, due diligence, reviews and customer portfolio reports.

Bitvore for Munis version 3 is online now as a stand along web application including email-based portfolio alerting.   It is also available integrated into leading products across the industry including Investortools Perform and Lumesis DIVER.  Bitvore API is offered to integrate Bitvore content into other commercial and custom investment management systems.

Quick training sessions are available at customer request.

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