A is for Agility

A is for Agility

Are your markets changing faster than your information systems?

Markets are changing fast. Competitors are moving fast. Information is communicated faster every day.   And it's going to continue to accelerate.  While every company is has different needs, we all have one thing in common -  making decision faster and better to compete and grow.

Agility is a characteristic of the solution you need if you are in a changing environment.  Agility is the ability to adapt and flex easily with your market situations and ideas.   The days of waiting 9-12 months for IT to procure, customize and roll out a system are over.   What's worse than getting a system that's obsolete the day of roll-out?   Maybe also being told that you have to live with it because you begged so hard to get it in the first place.

In the intelligence gathering space, agility is crucial.  Who and what you need to track along with the situations that you need to watch evolve and morph continuously.   Look how fast situations change -  wearables eat smart phones, kale becomes a super food, gluten-free is everywhere, sorbet-bright colors are hot in youth fashion this spring.  Thousands of these changes are happening around us.  When one of these changes impact your company, customers, channels or your supply chain, then you better be on top of it.

Bitvore is built for agility.  Cloud-based for instant deployment. Flexibly change the focus of the sources of information being monitored and the situations being analyzed.   How agile are you?

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