[BattleBlitz Webinar] The Data Platform, Thu., October 21st, 10AM ET

BattleBlitz Webinar Series

Don't miss Tobias Webb, Senior Strategic Advisor at Bitvore, participating in a panel discussion at the BattleBlitz Webinar, "The Data Platform: Democratizing Big Data and Analytics" happening October 21, 2021, at 10 AM ET. More info and registration here.

Access to large data sets and the ability to overlay analytics has been the domain of large quantitative managers that have the financial and personnel resources. The rapid evolution of the data marketplace combined with innovative technologies has spawned the “Data Platform” which provides asset managers of any size access to the largest data sets with sophisticated analytics at a competitive price. Data platforms are offering analytics through machine learning, sentiment analysis and artificial intelligence to analyze huge data Lakes in clouds. Hear from the experts to understand how successful platforms can yield a powerful competitive advantage with financial results to match.



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