Business and Sentiment Analysis Reveals U.S. in the Lead with AI Over China

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Artificial Intelligence ("AI") gets a lot of press. It's the new floor wax and dessert topping. It's a cure for all of our ills and the root of all economic disenfranchisement.

That sentiment comes from amazing over-promises of new AI tech startups, and the fear of people losing their jobs to a machine that does it better than they do. The truth of the matter is AI is just a tool that helps people do their jobs better, faster, and cheaper than they otherwise would be able to, as it helps eliminate barriers to understanding and accomplishment. One of our executives said it best: "AI isn't going to replace our jobs; it'll give us all a brand new Iron Man suit to make us superheroes."


Using the Bitvore platform, we took a look at specific, business impacting announcements about artificial intelligence, deep learning, and machine learning. While most of Bitvore's analysis is based on the English language, we found some interesting insights. The U.S. developed 5.3 times more business critical information on artificial intelligence in the past 6 months than the next leading country. China leads with the second most, with other countries around the world making up the long tail:

AI international business

The U.S. and China typically see advances in AI as positive. Other countries? Not so much. If you weight the number of articles by the sentiment per article, you get a different picture. Countries like Argentina, Brazil, UAE, Nigeria, and the UK see AI advances as both a blessing and a curse - both creating new opportunities, but at the same time worrying about workers, wagers, and unemployment. Other countries like Russia, Iran, and Turkey have press articles typically highlighting, not the business benefits, but the ways the technology can be abused. The below map shows the weighted sentiment of articles about these topics:

AI international sentimentAI adoption, at least in the business press, is being lead by the United states with China, Canada, Germany, India, Japan, and Australia following closely. 

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Greg Bolcer, CDO Bitvore

Greg Bolcer, CDO Bitvore

Greg is a serial entrepreneur who has founded three angel and VC-funded companies. He's been involved at an early stage or as an advisor to at least half a dozen more. Greg has a PhD and BS in Information and Computer Sciences from UC Irvine and a MS from USC.

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