Financial Institutions Scramble to Find AI Ready Data


In the dynamic world of finance, data fuels decisions and strategies. However, over 80% of data available to institutions is unstructured, posing a challenge for both traditional and AI driven analysis. In our eBook, "Unlocking Value from Unstructured Data" we delve into the challenges presented by unstructured data, the opportunities it offers, and how Bitvore helps institutions discover actionable insights. We look at the complexities of analyzing unstructured data and share how this data can be harnessed for better decision-making when it comes to trading, risk assessment, customer service, and more.

We also explore trends in financial data and analytics and discuss the readiness of financial institutions to leverage unstructured data insights. As data grows, legacy systems, inefficient storage, and data silos become hurdles. The solution? Embracing cloud-based data management, data lakes, and advanced analytics technology such as machine learning and AI. We foresee a hybrid approach to AI, combining licensed offerings with in-house development. Data science advances due to new query languages, and robust data governance is essential to protect and manage data effectively.

Our eBook also spotlights financial and ESG risk analysis as an unstructured data sweet spot. Institutions must "own" their risk and ESG analysis, intelligence from unstructured data is now a key ingredient. NLP algorithms mine industry publications, regulatory filings, and news for insights, providing more granularity and real-time analysis than traditional sources.

Transparency and ESG integration are on the horizon, and AI will be pivotal in this process. AI extracts insights from existing data and creates new data sources. Our eBook offers practical guidance on unstructured data's value and how our trusted data analytics platform streamlines data extraction, normalization, analysis and onward distribution processes.

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Ready to explore unstructured data's potential? Download our eBook, "Unlocking Value from Unstructured Data" to learn more about the value of unstructured data and how institutions leverage Bitvore to empower traditional and AI driven decision making.

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