SVB’s Rapid Demise Highlights Critical Importance of Real-Time Actionable Intelligence

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Trusted by more than 70 of the world’s top financial institutions, Bitvore provides the precision intelligence capabilities firms need to counter risks and drive efficiencies with the power of data-driven decision making and reporting.

The brief video below provides a snapshot of the Bitvore insights, sentiment and risk scores along with the last 10 days relationship mapping relating to Silicon Valley Bank. Our insights are derived from our artificial intelligence and machine learning powered analysis of unstructured data (including news, press releases, SEC filings/proxy statements, earnings call transcripts and more).


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Unsurprisingly we’ve witnessed a huge spike in SVB related content post their demise. In the run up to the March 10th failure both our Risk and Sentiment scores provided strong warning signals.

The preliminary relationship mapping provides a fascinating visualisation of the SVB relationships ecosystem, which will continue to be analyzed as unfolding events continue to drive unstructured content. It should be noted that we evaluate relationships based on the NLP and semantic understanding across our vast dataset by the number of times, or the count, of how many times we find that relationship appears in our datasets.

Our clients uncover rich streams of risk and ESG insights from unstructured data that act as the perfect complement to internal data and the insights. Our solutions provide the ability to see further, respond faster, and capitalize more effectively without the need for additional code or systems.

It is estimated that 90% all data now sits in the universe of unstructured data. Get in touch today to learn how Bitvore’s solutions can help your organization drive the actionable intelligence you need, at or

Image credit: Minh Nguyen, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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