Using Artificial Intelligence for News Topic Observations

Bitvore Using AI For News Topic Observations - Nov 2018

At Bitvore, we do a lot of rule-based, statistical, and artificial intelligence/deep learning, natural language processing on news articles. We've processed over a billion individual news articles within our system with various models. In addition to allowing our customers to do surveillance about municipalities and companies they care about, we sometimes look at topics.

A topic can be anything that cuts across government, industry, businesses, or the economy. Examples include 3D printing and manufacturing, cryptocurrencies, government initiatives, or other break through technologies. One of the recent topics we looked at was the effect of the U.S. government's tariffs on other countries. While the economic effect isn't quantitative, based on actual economic, stock and revenue numbers that can take months or years to compile, we can give a pretty accurate stochastic on the effect based on rolling up and correlating all the news we find with the companies and sentiment.

The map below shows the relative number of US tariff related, business critical news items in relation to the U.S. and other countries around the world. The data isn't broken down by industry like steel, natural gas, or milk products, however it's easy to see which countries are materially affected by the frequency of mentions in tariff related business news.

International tariff business news map

To take it one step further, we are able to gauge the weighted sentiment in the articles co-mentioned with the specific countries. If the press sentiment is any indicator, it shows that the U.S. and China's tariff war is bad for both countries. Canada, Russia, and Brazil are also on the losing end. On the flip side of the coin, tariff news including Germany, Mexico, Australia, France, Turkey, and a few other countries have benefited:


International tariffs sentiment map

While this is just a leading indicator, it'll be interesting to see if the actual economic numbers match up with the sentiment months later.

For real time intelligence tracking on companies' news, including topic trends, geographic and industry, schedule a demo to see how Precision News API can support your specific needs.  

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Greg Bolcer, CDO Bitvore

Greg Bolcer, CDO Bitvore

Greg is a serial entrepreneur who has founded three angel and VC-funded companies. He's been involved at an early stage or as an advisor to at least half a dozen more. Greg has a PhD and BS in Information and Computer Sciences from UC Irvine and a MS from USC.

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