Bitvore Announces Enhancements to Municipal Bond Intelligence Solutions


Updates Will Improve User Experience and Provide New Daily Picks

We are pleased to announce significant enhancements to Bitvore for Munis and it’s corresponding API, including new Bitvore Daily Picks.

Used by over 70 of the largest financial institutions, including the four major rating agencies, Bitvore has made multiple user interface changes to improve the user experience and, in addition, is pleased to now offer Daily Picks of the top material business events impacting the MUNI sector. Bitvore’s new Daily Picks will allow customers to better understand the general state of the municipal bond market in just minutes a day.

Bitvore for Munis UI improvements will allow credit analysts and portfolio managers to monitor their US municipal bond portfolios more effectively by allowing them to:
  • Easily access EMMA filings through a CUSIP lookup
  • Subscribe directly for custom topics (such as Healthcare Reform, Regulatory, etc.) via email alerts.
  • Receive advance notice of articles that include subscription only content

“These enhancements were designed to heighten functionality and increase user satisfaction,” said Jeff Drake, CEO, Bitvore. “The improvements will allow our customers to maximize productivity and make better business decisions faster than ever before.”

To learn more about the new enhancements, read the full press release.

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Steve Henning, CMO Bitvore

Steve Henning, CMO Bitvore

Steve brings more than 25 years of global enterprise software experience to Bitvore, where he is responsible for all aspects of corporate brand development, product management and marketing, go-to-market strategy, and demand generation.

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