Quick and Improved Business Decisions with Newly Released Bitvore Precision News API


We are pleased to announce the first comprehensive source of business signal-driven intelligence derived from world news and information, Bitvore Precision News

Delivered through a comprehensive API and that can easily integrate to your CMS, CRM, or augmented intelligence applications. Bitvore currently tracks companies in the mid-market and larger, but customers can submit a custom tracking list for companies of all sizes. Incorporate this data into applications to:

  • Track customers, leads, or suppliers
  • Monitor loan portfolios
  • Include in predictive models
  • Build custom alerts
  • Identify trends in signals such as bankruptcies, executive departures, expansion and contraction,
          across industries and time.

Bitvore Precision News provides: 

  • Low latency coverage of nearly 300,000 national, local and industry sources
  • Precise identification of over 400 specific business signals/material changes in businesses and municipal
  • Correlation of entity IDs (e.g., tickers, URLs) between customer applications and Bitvore
  • 24x7 proactive alerting and historical queries

"We are excited to offer the Bitvore Precision News API to the market so our signal-driven intelligence can be easily integrated into existing systems and processes to drive better decision making," said Jeff Drake, CEO, Bitvore. "The Bitvore AI Platform has been proven in over sixty of the world's largest financials and the release of Precision News API will allow us to address additional use cases and industries."

To learn more about the wide variety of use cases supported, read the full press release

Want to know more? Contact us to find out how Bitvore uses AI and machine learning techniques to analyze and curate news content based on your specific needs and interests.

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Steve Henning, CMO Bitvore

Steve Henning, CMO Bitvore

Steve brings more than 25 years of global enterprise software experience to Bitvore, where he is responsible for all aspects of corporate brand development, product management and marketing, go-to-market strategy, and demand generation.

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