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As companies began to reconcile the impacts of COVID-19 and the related economic fallout on their businesses, they will be looking for ways to streamline, reduce costs and minimize risk exposure to mitigate impact.


Since the Great Recession, AI has evolved exponentially and financial Institutions are poised to capitalize on these developments to position themselves for strong post-recession performance. Companies that accelerate their AI adoption through the recession will gain a significant competitive advantage and emerge as winners. Those that don’t will continue to struggle and fall even farther behind.


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Bitvore Cellenus eliminates the burdens of manual research, allowing teams to focus on critical work like credit underwriting, AML/KYC, and relationship management. This fits perfectly into any recession-proofing plan. Most importantly, Bitvore Cellenus helps clients surveil their portfolios, scouring through millions of records of unstructured content daily to identify emerging risks. Our sentiment analysis provides a quantifiable measure of a company’s overall risk and growth. When linked with your internal data, such as credit/loan defaults and loss ratios, it can help you identify risk triggers.


Read the white paper below to learn how Bitvore Cellenus can help alleviate manual burdens and drive better risk mitigation tactics in a time of uncertainty.

AI to Improve Business Strategy Post-Recession Winner

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