[Case Study] Big 4 Consultancy Enhances Client Engagement

_Bitvore case study Big 4 Consultancy  header 1024 x 512A global consultancy was using multiple data vendors to gather information on companies while struggling to integrate and normalize disparate data.

They were challenged with a lack of company information for development managers to engage with prospects and existing clients and integrating multiple providers of data. They needed to find a single vendor who could provide a global and full solution.


Download Big 4 Consultancy case study


In collaboration with Bitvore, they were able to leverage Cellenus data to build a research platform for the development managers.


Download our latest case study to learn how Bitvore Cellenus provided global coverage of companies, allowing the consultancy to better understand their clients and prospects, as well as the markets and regulations impacting them.


Read more from our Chief Data Officer, Greg Bolcer.

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