Bitvore CIO, Vera Silver, Interviewed by CIO Grid


Bitvore CIO Vera Silver recently had the opportunity to share her thoughts on the benefits of integrating advanced analytics into IT procurement processes with CIO Grid, an industry publication focused on CIOs and other tech thought leaders.

Interviewed for their article, “What Changes to IT Procurement Processes Yield Significant Benefits?”, Vera touched on the transformative changes made to our IT procurement process by integrating advanced analytics and machine learning tools.

She shared how deploying a data-driven procurement strategy has yielded significant benefits for Bitvore. By harnessing the power of our recently launched risk analytics supply chain platform,, we've been able to enhance our demand forecasting, trend analysis, and supplier performance evaluation with greater precision and efficiency. Adding into our procurement workflow has also improved our vendor selection process, making it more strategic and risk-averse.

You can read the full interview along with additional insights into potential IT procurement process here.

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