2023 Was a Year of Innovation for Bitvore. More to Come in 2024!


As we welcome 2024, we'd like to take a moment to look back at the great strides we took in 2023 – and to thank you for all the input that has directly shaped the changes we've made and new innovations we have delivered!

We are hard at work to deliver a host of new features and initiatives in 2024, but first, here are some Bitvore highlights from 2023:

Expanded Data Coverage: In response to an ever-growing demand for diverse and company-specific insights, we expanded our data coverage to include a broader range of both public and private companies to over 580,000 entities, adding circa 150,000 entities in 2023. Over 500,000 companies on our database are now matched to DUNs numbers.

Growing Number of Data Sources: Bitvore’s now harvests data from over 80,000 quality sources of unstructured content, both public and licensed with over a million pieces of content analyzed daily.

New Enriched Data Added: Bitvore now offers enriched data at the article and entity level that includes advanced tagging for people, industry, key phrases, Geo Lat/Long, entity relationships, and many more.

Additional enriched data fields include document sentiment, topic vector, key phrases, relationships, salience and confidence in addition to advanced entity extraction. These enhanced capabilities provide deeper data and gives greater insights into complex relationships.

Advanced Analytics Platform: Throughout 2023, we consistently upgraded our analytics platform, incorporating state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and predictive modeling capabilities.

Enhanced Bitvore ESG, E, S, G, Risk, Growth and Sentiment Scores: Enhanced scores algorithms deployed to provide 1-day, 14-day and 120-day moving averages.

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SOC 2 Type 1 compliance: The successful completion of this voluntary Audit illustrates Bitvore’s ongoing commitment to creating and maintaining a secure operating environment.

Expanded Data Marketplace Presence: In September we launched a new product on the Snowflake Marketplace.

New Blog Content: We've been busy in the background writing lots of new content to provide helpful insights and updates.

Global Expansion: In May, we expanded our operations globally, opening a new office in the UK to better serve clients and tap into new emerging opportunities in data intelligence.

Industry Recognition: In June, Bitvore was Included in AIFinTech100 List as One of World’s Most Innovative AI Solution Providers.

In October, Bitvore was listed in ESGFinTech100 2023 of Tech Pioneers Supporting Financial Institutions in Achieving ESG Goals.

In November, Bitvore was a top 10 entrant in IP100, ranked 9th overall in the top 100, achieving top 10 positions in both the Patents and Software asset classes.

Client Success Stories: Throughout the year, multiple client’s shared with us success stories where Bitvore’s services helped their businesses make data-driven decisions, optimize processes and drive efficiencies.

Acquisition of Cutting-edge Start-up: In the summer of 2023, we completed the successful acquisition of a Supply Chain Risk Intelligence start-up, integrating their cutting-edge technology into our organization to further bolster our capabilities.

Subsequently, we recently announced the beta launch of our new Supply Chain Risk Intelligence Platform, in10.ai.

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Trusted by more than 70 of the world’s top financial institutions, Bitvore provides the precision intelligence capabilities top firms need to counter risks and drive efficiencies with power of data-driven decision making.

Uncover rich streams of risk and ESG insights from unstructured data that act as the perfect complement to the internal data and insights your firm is already generating. Our artificial intelligence and machine learning powered system provides the ability to see further, respond faster, and capitalize more effectively.

To learn how the Bitvore solutions can help your organization contact info@bitvore.com or visit www.bitvore.com.

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