Real Estate Industries Intelligence is Bitvore’s Most Trialed Sector-Specific Product on Snowflake Marketplace


Bitvore recently unveiled a suite of nine new sector-specific intelligence data products on the Snowflake Marketplace. The sector products provide Utilities, Information Technology, Health Care, Finance & Insurance, Retail Trade, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Commodities and Mining, Quarrying, Oil & Gas Extraction data-driven insights to manage risks, monitor industry innovations, spot potential disruptions and seize emerging opportunities for listed and private companies.

To date, the Bitvore Real Estate Industries Intelligence product, which enables users to navigate the world of real estate with precision and confience, has proven most popular. Key benefits of Bitvore Real Estate Industries Intelligence include:

Informed Decisions: The latest intelligence on Real Estate companies, market shifts, sustainability trends, emerging hotspots, potential risk zones, regulatory changes, industry sentiments and much more.

Deep Dive Analysis: Comprehensive coverage of 168 Finance Topics and 37 unique ESG Topics, all filtered to spotlight the Real Estate sector.

Broad Data Coverage: Monitor 80k+ quality global sources, using publicly available and premium licensed data, tracking developments related to over 12,500 global Real Estate companies, both public and private.

Advanced Tags for Access to Complex Values and Relationships

Bitvore Data Sets also include advanced tags for industries, people, keywords/phrases, relationships, and geography providing programmatic access to complex values and relationships.

Industries: Three-layer hierarchy of Economic Sector > Industry Group > Business Sector

People: Over 2.55 million reference data points with accurate extraction and disambiguation

Keywords/Phrases: Broad lexicon of useful text tied to conceptual meaning, scored by confidence and salience

Relationships: Over 17 different types of NLP-derived relationships like Person-Title-Company or Subsidiary-of with scored evidence

Geography: Bottom-up tagging of geographical references including named places and latitude/longitude mapping

Sentiment: Per-entity and per use sentiment scoring specific to references/co-references

Sentiment Scores - Bitvore Risk, Growth, ESG, E, S and G entity and article level sentiment scores.

Miss Nothing With Bitvore's Automated Intelligence

Snowflake customers can now consume up-to-date sector-specific Bitvore precision signals and integrate them with new and existing data sources to enhance predictive models and build augmented intelligence into their applications.

Bitvore's impactful insights derived from unstructured data are actively utilized by more than 70 of the world's largest financial institutions, facilitating quicker and more effective decision-making. Notably, four out of the five largest US banks and seven out of the ten largest global investment managers are among Bitvore's esteemed clientele.

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