Marc Joffe, Senior Policy Analyst

Marc Joffe is the Principal Consultant at Public Sector Credit Solutions, where he researches government credit quality. Among his recent publications are studies of Illinois state debt, California municipalities and Canadian provinces. Before starting PSCS, Marc worked in credit technology roles at a number of major banks and as a product manager at Moody’s Analytics. He holds an MBA from New York University and an MPA from San Francisco State University.
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Crittenden Regional Hospital on the Edge - UPDATE

** UPDATE:  The hospital won’t reopen until July, but voters approved the 1% sales tax initiative thereby preserving the hospital and keeping creditors whole for the time being.

Source:  [...]

South Carolina State University Financial Crisis Could Impact Bondholders

Last week, Bitvore users learned that South Carolina State University was facing a severe financial crisis. According to local news articles we captured, the school needs an emergency infusion of [...]

Sports Team Decisions Create Risk to Bond Holders

Last week’s Clippers/Warriors NBA playoff series was pretty exciting, but now the Golden State Warriors are creating some unwanted excitement for municipal bond investors.

The team has announced [...]

Spike in news about Jacksonville pension shortfall

Pension underfunding has been a major concern for municipal bond investors in California, Illinois and Michigan. But pension shortfalls can pop up anywhere, and news of underfunding problems is [...]

Early Warnings for Bogalusa, LA Bond Investors

Our nation has thousands of smaller cities, and no one keeps tabs on their financial condition in real time. Consequently, municipal bond investors can be caught by surprise when one of these cities [...]

Puerto Rico - Surfacing Valuable Insights with Bitvore

The muni press covers the situation in Puerto Rico thoroughly and the investors read the muni press - so what nuggets of insight (i.e. information advantage) escape the investor? The fact is that [...]

City Financial Emergency Surfaced by Bitvore for Munis

Harrisburg, Stockton, San Bernardino, Detroit and now … Connersville, Indiana. The city of 13,000 – southeast of Indianapolis – has been struggling in the wake of the 2007 closure of an auto parts [...]

Material Event Focus: Corporate Mergers Impact Municipal Bondholders

Last week, Safeway – the nation’s number two supermarket chain – announced plans to merge with Albertson’s. Because Albertson’s is controlled by private equity firm Cerebrus, observers speculate that [...]

Intelligence in Munis: Profiting from a Broader Definition of a Material Event

The MSRB EMMA system is a great start to learn about required material events affecting your municipal bond portfolio. But the event notifications posted on EMMA often appear after the fact, and only [...]

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