Bitvore CIO Vera Silver to Speak at FISD London Tech Forum, March 9

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Bitvore CIO, Vera Silver, will be among the speakers at next month’s FISD London Tech Forum, which will take place in London on March 9th.

This annual FISD event focuses on the technology that underpins the operation of a successful and vibrant market data industry. The programming will dive deeper into engineering and technology and is intended to appeal to market participants who come from an engineering/technical background – and serve as an opportunity for non-technical folk can learn more about technology.

Vera will be a panel member on the “AI: Looking Beyond the Hype” panel session.

Referencing the Gartner ‘Hype Cycle’ – in respect of Artificial Intelligence are we approaching a peak of inflated expectations or a trough of disillusionment? We are not yet on the slope of enlightenment and definitely a long way from any kind of plateau of productivity. Chat GPT has stirred things lately. Market data folk have not spent much, if any, time thinking about AI. Was that – a mistake?

The panel will be moderated by Tim Baker (Founder and Director, Blue Sky Thinking) and John Able (Technical Director, Office of the CTO, Google Cloud), RJ Assaly (Chief Product Officer, TOGGLE) and Mike Wright (Head of Market Data Technology, Deutsche Bank) will be joining Vera as panellists.

To learn more about the event and to apply to attend, please visit –

If you are planning to attend the FISD event and you would like to meet Vera please email Or to learn how the Bitvore solutions can help your organization visit

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