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Part One: Are we on “Intelligence” Overload?

We’re not talking about Phi Beta Kappas, rocket scientists or crazy high IQs. Nor are we talking about the surveillance kind (think Edward Snowden). No, we are talking about the information kind and [...]

Urban Legends & Missed Opportunities

“A day late and a dollar short.”

                                     “Better late than never.”

Getting Your Business News – 3 Ways that Aren’t Working

We confess. We do love a good Sunday paper. There’s nothing quite like the early morning thud of the Sunday Times hitting your front door. It’s the one day where we can luxuriate in the time to read [...]

Creative Options to Financing Entrepreneurs

NerdWallet did a nice job on this article summarizing some of the non-traditional methods of accessing precious cash to operate a business.

Answers about crowdfunding from a CEO in the trenches.

I get calls each week from a entrepreneurs across the globe asking for references and insights about equity fundraising through crowdfunding. We've got a lot to say on the subject.   Bitvore was [...]

Bitvore makes history!

Crowdfunding history, that is.  It's official that Bitvore is the top equity crowdfunding campaign.   Check out this cool Infographic from Crowdfunder. Bitvore is the #8 on the Top Crowdfunding [...]

Extracting Value from the Unstructured Internet

Gaining insights from unstructured data is valuable but requires a daunting collection of skill and technology. Gartner says "Unstructured data growth is rapidly outpacing structured data and is [...]

Falling oil prices cascade into falling cash in municipalities

It's like watching dominoes fall these days. Bitvore for Munis is picking up a chain of independent media outlets reporting the budget impact caused by that falling oil prices. Long Beach, Kern [...]

Higher Ed Budget Shortfalls: Shawnee State Sees Declining Enrollment

A recent story crossing the Bitvore platform reminds us that many of the nation’s smaller universities face enrollment and cost pressures that could impact bondholders. The Portsmouth Daily Times [...]

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