AI and Humans View Risk Tolerances Differently

A recent experiment performed by the Defense Intelligence Agency has found that AI and humans analyze and assess risk factors differently as data becomes scarce. Although many believe that humans [...]

How Humans and AI Cooperate Together

Today AI is viewed far differently than it was a few short years ago. Once considered scientific folklore, today AI has become integrated into all segments of daily life. Whether it be self-driving [...]

Bitvore Honored as People's Choice Stevie® Award Winner at 2020 American Business Awards®

The Bitvore Cellenus® AI-powered platform is honored as Favorite New Product for Financial Services

Bitvore was named a winner of a People’s Choice Stevie® Award for Favorite New Product in the [...]

Who Should Lead AI Development?

The roots of artificial intelligence began in science fiction folklore, but today it has become one of the world’s most prominent technologies. Used in everything ranging from self-driving cars to [...]

Artificial Brains Need Sleep Too

One distinct advantage many believe computers and artificial intelligence have over the human brain is the ability to process information without needing rest or recovery. People have always [...]

Ethical Approaches to Using AI

Pursuing technology and innovation has always been a key attribute of our existence. Since the dawn of time, innovators have focused upon methods of improving daily life in every way possible.

Bitvore Announces General Availability of its AI-Powered Cellenus Platform on Microsoft Azure

The Bitvore Cellenus® AI-powered platform will now support its financial institution client base on Azure

Bitvore, a leading provider of AI-powered intelligence for financial institutions, today [...]

How the Pandemic is Affecting AI Models

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in widespread global change. Schools, corporate offices, retail and grocery stores and more have all felt the impact of social distancing regulations and [...]

Bitvore Announces Addition to Board of Directors

Former Microsoft Executive Susan Hauser Appointed to Bitvore Board of Directors

Bitvore, the leading provider of business insights from unstructured data, today announced that Susan Hauser has joined [...]

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