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Bitvore’s Chief Information Officer, Vera Silver, Reflects on Her Panel Discussion at the Ai4 2022 Finance Summit

Vera Silver (Bitvore’s Chief Information Officer) joined other investment experts to discuss how AI and other data heavy strategies stack up against fundamental investment strategies.

Russian Sanctions Halt Local Auto Industry

Recent geopolitical unrest between Ukraine and Russia has exacerbated the increasingly prevalent Covid-19 related supply chain shortages, which can be seen in the automotive industry.

Bitvore CIO Vera Silver to Speak at Ai4 2022 Finance Summit

Bitvore CIO Vera Silver will be among the speakers at next month’s Ai4 2022 Finance Summit, which will take place in New York City on March 1st.

Putting the “G” in ESG: Clariant’s Accounting Issues Throw New Management

Corporate control and oversight can’t be taken for granted. Behind-the-scenes dealings like regulatory compliance, accounting, and general C-level accountability isn’t always newsworthy.

Explore Bitvore for Munis ESG Solution With a Free Video Demo

If you're tracking muni bonds and are among the rapidly increasing number of investors and institutions concerned with the ESG performance of their holdings, Bitvore for Munis ESG Solution will help [...]

Social and Racial Justice on the West Coast

Observing social issues in the municipal bond market allows us to understand and identify potential risks and opportunities. As these social issues become an important determining factor for [...]

Shell's Shift Towards Sustainability?

Sustainability remains one of the most important topics being discussed today. The way in which companies respond to climate-related issues is increasingly important to customers and investors alike.

Bitvore CEO Elizabeth Pritchard joins virtual event panel at “Big Tech Shaping FinTech” hosted by the Women's Bond Club - Tuesday January 18th

Bitvore CEO Elizabeth Pritchard will be part of a five-person panel taking part at Big Tech Shaping FinTech, an upcoming virtual event sponsored by Microsoft.

Bitvore Corp. Appoints Top Female Technology Executive as Chief Information Officer

“Vera is one of the leading data technologists in banking and we are thrilled to leverage her expertise as well as her passion for developing engineers to lead Bitvore’s cutting edge AI platform,“ [...]

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