Spike in news about Jacksonville pension shortfall

Pension underfunding has been a major concern for municipal bond investors in California, Illinois and Michigan. But pension shortfalls can pop up anywhere, and news of underfunding problems is [...]

Early Warnings for Bogalusa, LA Bond Investors

Our nation has thousands of smaller cities, and no one keeps tabs on their financial condition in real time. Consequently, municipal bond investors can be caught by surprise when one of these cities [...]

Bitvore #4 in Forbes Top 10 Biz Crowdfunding Campaigns of All Time

Hot off the digital presses, Bitvore is in great company on this rating in Forbes.  That certainly is nice to see!  Good to see two Irvine CA companies on the list of all time best - congrats to our [...]

Puerto Rico - Surfacing Valuable Insights with Bitvore

The muni press covers the situation in Puerto Rico thoroughly and the investors read the muni press - so what nuggets of insight (i.e. information advantage) escape the investor?  The fact is that [...]

Visualizing Bitvore for Munis


If you work in the fixed income markets, you already realize the value of finding materially changing situations in local markets faster than anyone else.  Today we poured 24 hours of [...]

A is for Agility

A is for Agility

Are your markets changing faster than your information systems?

Markets are changing fast. Competitors are moving fast. Information is communicated faster every day.   And it's going [...]

Bitvore is funded! Closes Series A round with nearly $1M from crowd funding

Bitvore Closes $4.5 Million Series A Funding

GM in-houses intelligence gathering to service customers faster and better

General Motors understands that the real-time web is filled with opportunities to service customers better.  According to Digiday,  GM is moving to bring their social media data in house so they can [...]

City Financial Emergency Surfaced by Bitvore for Munis

Harrisburg, Stockton, San Bernardino, Detroit and now … Connersville, Indiana. The city of 13,000 – southeast of Indianapolis – has been struggling in the wake of the 2007 closure of an auto parts [...]

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