I have more data than time!

"I have more data than time!" is a common complaint that we hear from customers.  Not long ago the problem was access to data.  Today, access isn't a problem, it's making use of all the data pouring [...]

Desert Hot Springs: Serial Defaulter?


Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff popularized the notion of sovereign serial defaulters – nations that repeatedly go through cycles of fiscal mismanagement, default and recovery. High profile [...]

Jobing.com arena risks Glendale AZ bonds

Stadiums and arenas often generate drama not just for sports fans, but for bondholders as well. For the Phoenix suburb of Glendale, the latest episode of stadium anxiety played out last week. Market [...]

$120M Sales Lead for Bond Underwriters in Ohio


This new bond underwriting opportunity just popped up on Bitvore for Munis obligor news system.   Montgomery County commissioners just approved $120M in revenue bonds the proceeds of which will be [...]

Filling Your Pipeline with Bitvore

In the muni market, issuance is widely distributed around the country. Thus, local media often learn about potential bond issues before the financial press. By mining local media, Bitvore can help [...]

Why High-Yield - The Untold Story of a California Charter School Bond Issue


Charter schools form a growing and lucrative part of the municipal finance landscape. As we learned recently, charter school bonds can have stories beyond those told in their offering documents.  [...]

Atlantic City Declines: Will it End in a Municipal Bond Default?

The popular HBO series Boardwalk Empire portrays Atlantic City in the midst of its Prohibition-era heyday when tourists, booze and money were flowing liberally. The upcoming season will portray the [...]

False Claims Act / Stark Law Litigation Threatens Hospital Bondholders

Last week, Moody’s downgraded King’s Daughters Medical Center’s (KDMC’s) debt from A2 to A3. The agency cited “a large $40.9 million Department of Justice settlement” as one of the reasons for [...]

MSRB EMMA plus BITVORE help address Rule G-47 disclosure compliance

MSRB EMMA is the authoritative source of official statements and official filings of material events abouteach municipal bond. However, like buying stocks based only on annual and quarterly reports, [...]

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