Falling oil prices cascade into falling cash in municipalities

It's like watching dominoes fall these days.  Bitvore for Munis is picking up a chain of independent media outlets reporting the budget impact caused by that falling oil prices.    Long Beach, Kern [...]

E-Cigarettes and Munis: The Good, The Bad and The Local

At Bitvore, we see a lot of news about electronic cigarettes (or e-cigs for short). Opinions about the nicotine delivery devices run the gamut: some see them as a way to reduce the incidence of [...]

State Credit Rating Downgrades: Could Hawaii Be Next?

Despite improving economic conditions, state credit ratings have remained under pressure in 2014.  Thus far, the states of Kansas and New Jersey have both been on the receiving end of several adverse [...]

Higher Ed Budget Shortfalls: Shawnee State Sees Declining Enrollment

A recent story crossing the Bitvore platform reminds us that many of the nation’s smaller universities face enrollment and cost pressures that could impact bondholders. The Portsmouth Daily Times [...]

Bitvore for Munis 2.0 is here! Credit News on Obligors & Issuers

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The South Napa Quake and Munis

Shortly after the South Napa earthquake rattled my northern California neighborhood, I started wondering:  “what does this all mean for local municipal bonds?”  While a rational response to such a [...]

I have more data than time!

"I have more data than time!" is a common complaint that we hear from customers.  Not long ago the problem was access to data.  Today, access isn't a problem, it's making use of all the data pouring [...]

Desert Hot Springs: Serial Defaulter?


Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff popularized the notion of sovereign serial defaulters – nations that repeatedly go through cycles of fiscal mismanagement, default and recovery. High profile [...]

Jobing.com arena risks Glendale AZ bonds

Stadiums and arenas often generate drama not just for sports fans, but for bondholders as well. For the Phoenix suburb of Glendale, the latest episode of stadium anxiety played out last week. Market [...]

$120M Sales Lead for Bond Underwriters in Ohio


This new bond underwriting opportunity just popped up on Bitvore for Munis obligor news system.   Montgomery County commissioners just approved $120M in revenue bonds the proceeds of which will be [...]